Oil lies. Beneath us.

November 30, 2016

Soap box rant #214:

above from 1stworldview.com, christianScienceMonitor.com

Oil and petroleum products are everything to us. That’s what moves our economy. It’s the best thing that ever happened to us. It puts money into our pockets. It creates jobs. It makes lots of cash $$$$ for the world’s most elite. It……will eventually kill us.

The one image that sticks with me is the BP “spill” into the Gulf of Mexico. While millions of litres of toxic “oil” gushed uncontrollably into the already tainted waters of the gulf, the executives of the company sipped cognac whilst watching yacht races off the coast of England. To me that image says it all.

The people who control the whole thing don’t give a damn. And they know their well-funded “think tanks” and “controlled” media will keep the masses believing that oil is god’s sweet nectar.

Land, water, air, life: nothing is immune to the damage done.

In my province, as in other provinces and states, the repercussions also include land owners’ rights and indigenous rights being trampled,  ignored or “bought out”. The government owns the rights below soil and gladly sells those rights to oil companies. As people, we do not have rights to mines and minerals and oil and natural gas beneath our feet. Right?

Yesterday, the federal government approved pipelines carrying Alberta tar sludge all over North America. With more approvals to come.  It’s a decision not unlike the government’s participation in the buffalo slaughter of the 1800’s. A decision that has numerous consequences. We haven’t learned a damn thing in our zeal to appease corporate desires.

It’s ok to frack. It’s ok to ignore justifiable claims. It’s ok to kill off wildlife and engage in genocide and further atrocities against Turtle Island’s first people. It’s ok.

And just what is our most precious resource? Canada’s indigenous people are living through numerous issues from suicide to bad water to addictions to disease  to child welfare issues to missing women. And the oil execs and politicians and some chiefs sit and sip cognac, smoke cigars and pat themselves on the back. Oh, and who was on the land and waters and breathing the air around North America first? Just asking.

McLeans article. (And McLeans has been known to spread the BS from time to time.)

Jeff McIntosh/CP
above: beautiful Manitoba oil field

Image result for trans canada pipeline explosion manitoba

above: Manitoba approved pipeline explodes by accident (sorry) (story). Don’t worry. Pipelines and tankers and rigs seldom have accidents. God bless oil.

Be happy. And gimme my money.

Here’s a calming story by a guy (who in his words) is a songwriter/fly fishing guide living in a place where there’s more trout than people:

Thom Chacon – Before The Drilling Rigs Got Here (Anti-Fracking Song)


above mage from this video (link).

Oh hell. It is beneath us!

All Hell For a Basement/Heaven In Alberta – Big Sugar – 2001

yt post by RChursky

No problem. We’ll just clean everything up with dish soap.

Image result for dove dish cleans birds

So long suckers.


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