Is you is or is you ain’t?

December 1, 2016

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Divide and conquer. Us vs them. (Them is winning).

We were taught at project management 101 school to ask the “team” one question when things didn’t turn out quite as hoped: How could you let that happen? Responsibility.

Now, in the real world, there are numerous things that don’t turn out as planned. I dunno, maybe the requests for “peace on earth” or to “love thy neighbour” or “respect mother earth” come to mind…..we have these things in our master plan but it just never works out.

Even more amazing is that there are only a very small group of humans that make sure those wishes of the vast majority of our species never come to fruition. (hint: they come disguised as “think tanks”, “institutes”, various organisations etc etc.) It’s all bullshit. Its all big money baby, BIIIIG money.

P.S.: Shoulder shruggers deserve what they get. And the vast majority of us are shoulder shruggers. Do you feel used and abused? You should, cuz you’re being played like Cray’s Fender Stratocaster. How could we let this happen?

Here’s a great funky tune by Robert Cray. Check out his style as he chops up his Strat!

The Robert Cray Band – Right Next Door (Because of Me)

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