Encore seul

December 2, 2016

loneabove: Seine River near here. Photo taken yesterday (btw, yesterday’s gone). Is the future different than the past?

My family is in four different cities, several hours apart by air; the closest two being six hours apart by car/train.

In spite of all the technology that supposedly links us together in ways we could never have imagined, we are becoming a lonely bunch.

You think there’s a spell on you!

I like this video on a number of levels. Certainly the subject matter caught my attention. But also the demonstration of collaboration and the whole process of creating and writing music.

Rhe “Breaking the spell of Lonliness” tour’s last performance is tomorrow at King’s Place…..just down the hill from my brother’s….

George Monbiot & Ewan McLennan – Breaking the Spell of Loneliness

yt post by ewan mclennan


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