Fools’ Stagnant Manner

December 6, 2016

Image result for even in the quietest moments cover

It must be mentioned even though it is well documented: The title reads “Fool’s Overture” but the music reads “Star Spangled Banner”. I think an important detail is that it is “apostrophe S” not “S apostrophe”.

Let’s face it. It’s evident on the streets. It’s evident in the ‘interweb’: People are fools. Fools who believe what they think. Fools lurking behind hidden walls shouting obscenities and hollow criticisms. Fools who support imperial politics and colonial ascendency. Fools who welcome other fools. Fools who believe they are entitled to entitlements.
You may hear the calling in your sleep. It comes from deep inside the forest. It’s time to grow but behind every tree and rock waits a challenge.  Our hands are tied and voices muffled.

Another fine piece of work by Roger Hodgson. Nicely arranged too.

From Supertramp’s 1977 LP Even in the Quietest Moments – Fool’s Overture – Roger Hodgson – 1977



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