Gr8 2 Sk8

December 7, 2016

skateThis morning at Ramsden Park. No snow but no matter: the artificial outdoor rink is up and running…..err skating. And there’s another outdoor artificial rink a few minutes away in Rosedale. Goodness!

Now time for a little one on one with bro….I’ll have to remember to bring my skates on the plane next time.

A couple of weeks ago, Gordon Lightfoot played a show down Yonge at Massey Hall. You know the guy is well aged….and he still “has it”.

So what does an iconic song about the Canadian railway have in common with Canada’s favourite iconic pastime? Well, regardless of the good, bad and ugly sides of each, they both tie us all together quite nicely, thank-you very much.

The song Canadian Railroad Trilogy is iconically Canadian but Gordon Lightfoot himself is a Canadian icon. Many accolades and even songs have been written about the man who’s song writing captures the northern imagination.

Lightfoot wrote this song for a CBC special aired in January 1967 to commemorate Canada’s 100th birthday. Happy 150th in 2017 Canada!

This is live in concert for the BBC with Red Shea and Terry Clements. (Performance from 1972 – the year Henderson scored a goal in Moscow….).

Good song to play on the 12. You can choke it up to III if you want. D, G, D with A, then throw in a C and Em…embellish it here and there, figure out the timing and strumming pattern and you’re off!

yt post by tony blackhall


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