Qu’est-ce qui se passe ?

December 8, 2016

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from ca.newslebrity.com

Ah Québec. Land of my teenage years. I learned to drive there. I celebrated Noël there. I learned more than I care to share. Doing so many things right. And so many things wrong. I hope we all start righting our wrongs….acts of love. Reconciliation.

Language warning – not only are the following videos in French, it is colloquial Québécois complete with joual and strong accent (an accent evident in Manitoba, Ontario, NS, PEI, Nouveau Brunswick and other pockets of the country – with regional variations) versus l’accent Parisien .

Just after getting my driver’s license, I was driving home in Montréal after an ice storm. I turned the corner for the last few blocks home and a kid skated past me and continued down the icy street.  C’est l’hiver à Montréal for sure!

Learning to drive on a steep, icy, Beaver Hill in Montréal :

There are numerous versions of this video online (some from a different vantage point complete with commentary) so not sure who gets credit for being the original –  but not Shepherd

Paying tribute to the most beautiful Sapin laid de Montréal (a tree with its own Twitter account no less) :
Shirley Théroux réconforte le grand sapin laid de Montréal
yt post by le sac de chips

Chanson du jour :

Les Cowboys Frignants – Plus Rien – 2004

YouTube post by Romu Nordu

Mes Aïeux-2096 (chanson à boire) 2005
yt post by holtzeke



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