They Sold Us a Silent Night

December 9, 2016


Not sure where the image came from – it was uncredited on my timeline

They sold us the Kool-Aid and we bought it.

2016 was not a good year as the British biased image above displays. In fact, there are some notables missing and sadly probably one or two will go in the next few weeks.

The fact is, many things we hold near and dear to our hearts will be joining the exodus as this past year exhibited. Age and time will do that.

So with the advent season upon us, I feel no guilt to play the recently departed Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas” video. A song he wrote to scold our people for allowing commercialism to leap into our lives, especially this time of year.

Although Lucky Man Lake was most well known for his guidance and initial contribution to the bands Emerson Lake and Palmer, and King Crimson, this was without a doubt, his best known recording as a single artist. A song he created with Pete Sinfield.

Greg Lake – I Believe in Father Christmas – 1974

YouTube post by Katalin Oberhauser

In spite of the quality of the sound, this next version is beyond special. Greg on his Martin and Ian Anderson playing his flute tenderly. It also displays the lyrics and I have to admit, I never really listened to (most of) the words to this song (pity) – they really bring the reality of the season and all the senses to life.
And the song is presented in a church, as it should (with 2 guitars) – all very effective in one of Christopher Wren’s architectural masterpieces: St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street. Joining Ian and Greg are David Arch: keyboards, Florian Opahle: acoustic guitar and the requisite church choir – recorded 2006 (it’s ok to clap at the end).
YT post by TarkusChristmas

How to play lesson by Shut Up & Play

In the words of Lake and Sinfield: To a ‘hopeful Christmas and a brave new year’.
RIP Greg Lake. RIP all of us.


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