It’s a Step in the Right Direction

December 10, 2016

violaViola Desmond is going to be the first woman not representing our colonial master, on our money (Ten dollar bill – not 100). She was a black woman. Imagine that. Learn about her and what she has done.

Winnipeg’s (“arguably” Canada’s most racist city) Canadian Museum for Human Rights story.

The town (New Glasgow NS) which exhibited the racist attitudes that pushed Viola to fight for her rights is still a place that habours all sorts of unjust treatment of individuals and is one of those places where the community, particularly the legal community, is a closed entity.

A few years back I had a first hand experience of just how unjust and closed to outsiders this town is. And for reasons their citizens find hard to understand, their town has been declared “the worst place to live in Canada” for several years running. Work needs to be done. It needs to be done in New Glasgow as well as all across this country. Number one, is recognition that a problem exists and doing something about it. But there are some good people there…..

A New Glasgow man, who recently left us, wrote a song about Viola….goodness.

Jim Dorie – For Viola


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