Winter Blues? Git Real

December 18, 2016

mars-atmarswxreportThe winter season in Canada unofficially starts in October and works its way south with most parts getting cold and snow by sometime in November. But this year has seen crazy extremes. Where I live it has been record warm since October …. until about a week ago when all hell broke loose (as in cold as hell). In fact a good chunk of North America has been “colder than Mars” for several days now.

“Fair weather” types moan and complain about the weather. Local radio and TV promote an exodus and/or home shopping explosion by telling people to stay indoors.

Whilst some real winter folk dance the cold away. Here are two from Canada – jigging in the Arctic, the other Snow Shoveller Bhangra from back home in Chebucto (the Bhangra one is currently one of the top 50 trending videos on YouTube).

Snow Shoveler Bhangra || Maritime Bhangra Group || Halifax,NS || Canada

Link to make donations:

Feel the Inukness   from BexxStudio

u know u wanna dance; don’t fight the feeling!
Made by Becky Qilavvaq –
Starring Anguti Johnston –






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