December 22, 2016


I remember the first time I went to visit family in London at Christmas. Sidewalk vendors roasting chestnuts that tasted like soggy acorns, everyone trying to pick your pocket and…..crowds of people ‘shopping’ like on Oxford Street above. Not just crowds but crushing throngs of human beings on sidewalks that you could not cross even if your life depended on it. Imagine trying to navigate yourself from left to right (above) across the flow. Its difficult enough to just squeeze in and get sucked along with the others in the direction of flow (with your hands on your pocket). Ah…..the joy of Christmas.

To be honest. I cherish those memories!

So here I am in Canada wondering how everyone back ‘home’ in Arizona is enjoying the 70 degree temperatures. Poor folk. But I’m ready:

Shopping done. Check.

Gifts wrapped. Check.

Slice of vínarterta. Check.

Cuppa something. Check.

Curled up around the Shaw fire. Ok.

All that remains is this classic story brought to life by Alan Maitland for CBC radio. In my family of pilots, it was natural to play this at Christmas. Sit back (relax for a change) and listen to this extraordinary Christmas story from ‘1957’. It still gives me a chill. Quite extraordinary.

The Shepherd – Frederick Forsyth – read by Alan Maitland from CBC Radio

And a natural for our Christmas playlist – a very local flavor of the reason for all this exaggerated hype:

We Are All Children of The Great Spirit – Aja Apinotci Jesus – Gerald Paquin




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