Albert Holes

January 2, 2017

Royal Albert Hall interiorAlbert Hall image from Wikipedia


(Now we know how many holes are in Glen’s guitar in the Albert Hall) / Fill halls not holes:

Of course, you must notice the design deviations in Mr. Hansard’s guitar (note: same guitar as in film clip below). Unique sound holes.

The song below was written, recorded and performed by Glen Hansard and his real life ex, Markéta Irglová, for the 2007 Irish film Once. (a movie about struggling musicians who likely have no publisher).

I wonder how the performance royalties are worked out in a gig like the one below.
I also wonder how the performing rights organization or “PRO” allocated royalties…..and were you aware that if a writer of a song has no publisher, half the royalty disappears, which is why many writers who maintain ownership of a song form their own publishing company thereby receiving the entire royalty. The amazing thing is it gets much more complicated than that…..which is why ‘rock and roll is a such a vicious game’.
This is a wonderful performance by three respected artists playing in the iconic Albert Hall (and just for kicks a link to Black Velvet Band recorded a few years back by the living band itself – and no, BVB is not an Irish Rovers’ song).
Glen Hansard & Lisa Hannigan : Falling Slowly (HD) Live Albert Hall 2014 with John Sheahan (last surviving member of the Dubliners‘ founding members) and Vermont born pianist Thomas Bartlett aka Doveman
yt post by SHAYMCN5

Preparation for the song:
Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová from the movie “Once” (2006)
yt post by ali axe


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