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January 3, 2017

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Love your country:

I was doing the old ‘happy new year’ thing with a life-long friend, who happens to be a sound engineer, when I came across another (gone from The Peg but not forgotten) sound guy who grew up in town here…..a Sisler boy in fact.

He has been doing sound and playing some strings for The Bellamy Brothers for some time now. So I took a peek at a recent gig the brothers did and they can still fire it up pretty well. And I’m lovin’ the venue they’re at – an audience in rocking chairs – I wonder about the significance of that.

For ex-Peggers Michael (me b’y) and Randy – here’s a joke told a million times over a few after all the work is done:

Why do sound guys say “Check, One Two, One Two”? Because on three, you have to lift!

(Good god Jim! I’m a sound engineer, not a roadie!)

From Darby, Florida (yes they are doing a gig in Dubai in a couple of weeks – that’s Dubai UAE)

Bellamy Brothers – Let Your Love Flow – 2012

link to learn on electric guitar

yt post by brotherhamlet

Happy new year / Old and new: Just to round things out I’ve added a song by a young Texas/Tennessee performer. Its tough to be a performer now-a-days that ain’t ‘painted by numbers’.

The new: Liddy Clark – Painted By Numbers

ITunes download:



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