First and Foremost

January 8, 2017

I think we missed it:

I happened across a MacLean’s article on my Twitter feed (I don’t read that trash dispenser). It was written by a ‘big ink’ crony named MacDonald who was pretending to question the premier of Manitoba for spending so much time in a hot spot on an ‘unplugged’ working vacation.

I happen to agree that a leader spending a lot of time outside their jurisdiction is not exactly good for the people and province he is supposed to be serving.
But sadly, her real intent was to add to a suspiciously large number of voices who are attempting to trash the place I presently live in. Online trolls, Wikipedia entries, websites of various colours, ‘respected’ news agencies and on and on. Its open season apparently.

I really have to pause and raise my right eyebrow ever so slightly but quite indignantly…, what the hell is going on? It would seem the oligarchs, cronies and zombies have decided that after seeing the success of their war mongering and avoidance of alternate fuel sources such as their  ‘killing of the electric car’ they have released their minions on the ‘electric province’ and its beleaguered capital city. Not much oil here. Just a bunch of meaningless, disposable people. (But pipelines and railways carry the bitumen and bakken sludge east through the province from the west, north-west and south…just sayin’.)

We have entered a period where we are witness to the overall acceptance of isolating and verbally attacking particular groups, whether it be Manitobans, people with mobility issues, indigenous peoples, inner city youth, Muslims  and on and on and on.  As long as the denigration sells soap or gets a dude elected or makes one feel superior, it is ok. Pick a group, isolate them and attack. Acceptable. It is acceptable in politics, magazines, water cooler conversations, at Tims and online.

Everyone is missing it. I think we have more important things to deal with here. And number one in Canada is the reality our indigenous peoples find themselves in. They have a right to be pissed at the colonisers. They have a right to vent at the voices of power. But they know that mimicking this Trumponian name calling, repression, hatred and chest thumping (owed to insecurity, fear and a need for self-gratification) is not goodness.
These are a peoples who respect mother earth, respect inclusion, respect peace and prayer. What more should we want? Instead we see people throwing stones like that Maclean’s piece. ATCR is quite correct: “The callers of names cannot see us*” It is an international disgrace. Pity.

Under My Thumb:

Reading online comments and threads is not a wise pastime…but the other day, I was reading numerous hateful comments to an Ottawa story which were obviously written at a grade four level (I’m being generous). They were responding to an Algonquin land claim to have the territory where Canada’s capital city is located returned to them as rightful guardians of the land.

The comments were hurtful, hateful and void of any empathy whatsoever. But nobody does anything to address this.

Q: What does this tell us about ourselves? (That is the million dollar USD question.)There are many answers. But one is: Nobody really gives a damn about anything or anyone but themselves.

Q: Do we see reconciliation through “acts of love” put toward people who are disadvantaged though the mechanisms of the dominant society which has anointed itself as ‘master of the domain’ (planted their flag)? A: I hear nothing but crickets.

Q: Do we see any real reconciliation with our Indigenous peoples especially? A: We not only have to grow up some, we have to learn and understand and respect and love…..

Q: Is any real goodness possible? A: No, not if we allow the continuation of the hurtful words emanating from online trolls, bots, cronies, elites, and their messengers aka news magazines, TV, social media and political leaders…they may as well be throwing peanut butter sandwiches at each other on the school bus.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Don’t be afraid of the red. Respect the circle. Live and learn. It’s time.

The White Buffalo

Image result for white buffalo

To: Nancy, Brian, Justin, Donald and all the other oligarchs, cronies, trolls and zombies… is not “Us vs Them”. It is all the peoples, all the planet. Our DNA starts at the same place and is made up mostly of water. Get to know this. Accept it. Think about that. Write about that. Tweet about that. Anything else is a waste of time.

Will we ever accept each other and our place on the planet? Arguably, the short answer is no. Because everyone (as shown in the last video below) wants to “play golf, drink highballs and eat hot hors d’oeuvres”. Yet many will never do those things. Right Mac?
* A Tribe Called Red – We Are The Halluci Nation featuring John Trudell & Northern Voice

A Tribe Called Red – Ft. Black Bear – Stadium Pow Wow

A Tribe Called Red – Burn Your Village To The Ground (Neon Natives Remix Video)

YT post by HunterSky


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