Some Day It’ll Get You

January 10, 2017

aloneI was/am a big fan of Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett who covered this Dave Mason classic with Eric Clapton. In fact, I was a fan of theirs before becoming aware of Dave and that song lead me to  loving Dave Mason’s original. This studio version is a classic that I played over and over and over again. Feel good memories!

Dave’s gonna play the Cedar Center (Alone Together Again Tour) in one of my “homes away from home”,  Minneapolis, April 17…hmmm that’s the day my granddaughter is expected to enter this mad mad world. Decisions, decisions…

Dave Mason – Only You Know & I Know from Alone Together – 1970

yt post by dazzlerweb

Here’s a cool way to play it – see the method at the bottom of this link using the tuning shown:

G C/D C Csus4 D Dsus4 G5 G8 G10 G12 G13
D -0--2--5---5---7---7----0--0---0---0---0---|
B -0--1--5---6---7---8----5--8---10--12--13--|
G -0--0--5---5---7---7----0--0---0---0---0---|
D -0--2--5---7---7---9----5--9---10--12--14--|
G -0--0--5---5---7---7----0--0---0---0---0---|
D -0--0--5---5---7---7----0--0---0---0---0---|

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