I Like Winter. You Too?

January 12, 2017

winter-at-west-hawk-lakeabove: winter at West Hawk Lake just east of here. Sadly the ice will melt and the warm days will return.

I like the cold of winter. Dress properly, go for a hike in the woods and have most of it to yourself. Yeah I like it.

But most people don’t. So don’t fear. The good news is we’ve bottomed out as far as temperature is concerned and from here on until late summer those temperatures are on the rise.

What I like most about this place are the people (best friends you could ever have) and the proximity to thousands upon thousands of lakes. Not just the kind of lakes that most people are used to. I’m talking about lakes (except for on the fringe) that have no road access, are not filled with speedboats and people, are interconnected by rivers, creeks and fens, and are the largest most intact waterways on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of them! And the city I live in is the largest city in the country that gives a person quick, direct access to it.

People here have no idea how lucky they are. Rather, they moan about the cold weather, the biting insects and the fact there are no fast food joints and hotels in the lake country (‘cept on the fringes).

Here are a couple of homemade videos made during the summer years ago at the lake shown above. They showcase both the lake (that has road access therefore cottages and boats), the value of ‘Toban friends and the beautiful days ahead. A people and lake on the edge of this, the last great, true wilderness area on the planet.

West Hawk Lake – U2

YT post by pvp007

and another by Kelly

soundtrack: “We Swarm” by The Glitch Mob (Google PlayiTunes)

below: from twitter @MarsWXReport


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