War is Big Business

January 13, 2017

Image result for 1970 event

Just the other day my daughter asked me about the lyrics to the song Ohio and Kent State. I said that’s when America (and the rest of the world) became addicted to both police state* and nanny state. Image credit

Our country is becoming both a “Nanny State” and a “Police State”.  Neither is good for people. Time to truly live free or die huh?

The thing is, both flavours of government control are indebted to many of the same things. Taxes is one of them. War is another. And sadly “war” is also unleashed upon a government’s own people.

*Although this phenomena of a government killing its own has been going on for centuries – see Indigenous peoples and treatment of “people who don’t look and act like us”.

1970 was a pivotal year for me as a kid. I moved across the country and left too much of myself behind – I don’t think I’ve ever really fully recovered from that experience and I wonder if the world ever recovered from that year.

One of the many songs that reached number one at various points of the year was:

War by Edwin Starr.

A good YT post by cctaximan


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