January 15, 2017

Celtic Reggae Revolution - Good PeopleI love this (above graphic) from the Celtic Reggae Revolution

So who says you can’t fuse musical rythms? After all, that’s what music is all about.

Remember Bob Marley’s Jammin’? The song about smoking or sex or religion or musical improv or whatever is meaningful to the listener. North of Marley’s reggae filled Jamaica, in the same ocean that inspired traditional Celtic music, lies Canada’s East Coast.

Now you’d think Jamaica would be in the same time zone as much of the Carribean, the Atlantic Time Zone which is one hour ahead of the Eastern. But it is the Eastern Time Zone during the “standard period”. And because it does not go to daylight savings time, it then matches the Central TZ. Gotta be different.

But regardless of time signature differences the region has always had enharmonic relationships to the Canadian Atlantic provinces due north. And there was always an exchange of commodities, including rum and music, between regions. So its not a great leap to understand the interconnectivity.

Throw in some French influence and you really got me going: Une composition « créé aux aires de reggae celtique ».

Pan Daman  – Reggae celtic

Impromptu jam sessions, music camps and kitchen parties are just a few of the places which can create a sharing of instruments, rhythms and sounds. This one (quite traditional east coast celtic) is from a Nova Scotia camp on Cape Breton (Music Camp on the Canal):

BTW the performers and audience are a wee bit subdued for this kind of thing but the performance is good.

Kelli Trottier, Allie Bennett & Richard Wood

YT post by KitchenRackets


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