Les enfants gâté

January 19, 2017

Related imageSorry for the above cartoon: Harmony or dischord?

Gateau gâté? = sick of you, and you, and you.

I hate to say it, but kids born after the internet explosion (circa 1997) just don’t get it. They stay up all night gaming on Skype and sleep all day. School, goals and desire to do something good is way off their radar. As John McCrae says, these people choose personal freedom over civic responsibility. And then there are those who are more Trump styled: the blameless, hostile, scavengers…”. And you wanna be my latex salesman”. I don’t think so.

This performance is sort of a Mountain inspired B52’s Rock Lobster: like many people, I am not a fan of organised audience participation. But this seemed to work:

And yet another Sacramento CA band. Sigh.

Cake – Sick of You (Live on Letterman)

from Cake vevo

Cake: official website

Sick of You – chords and lyrics



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