We’re Soul Alone

January 21, 2017


Who are Your string pullers?:

Breaking: I don’t think much of politicians at all (gasp, surprise). No matter what they say. No matter what they do. They are acting for, and being controlled by…..let’s say “outside interests”. For the most part they are ignorant of the real needs of their constituents (purposely or otherwise) and above all: they are out of touch.

Take the leader of the province I live in, Brian Pallister, a Conservative. He spends two months a year outside the province (in Costa Rica – others before him have spent similar amounts of time outside the province including long periods of time at their places on Lake of the Woods, right beside Shoal Lake, in Ontario). But the fact is he has removed himself from the very people and homeland which he serves.

This is not the owner of “Norwood Draperies” or other small local company who feels they deserve a respite from the reality of their world. This is the premier of a province. And he purposely leaves it all behind. What’s the result? He not only is living a life of luxurious freedom that most cannot afford but he distances himself from the place and people and issues that need to be taken care of. He has no idea whatsoever. And he is not very different from his predecessors or from those who will replace him. He shrugs his shoulders to suggestions that this is wrong.

One of the most urgent issues of our time is how we as a society have dealt with (ignored) issues facing our indigenous peoples (past, present and future). We seem to know that, yet what does our leader say yesterday? He says that allowing first nation people the right to spotlight hunt elk and other wild animals is becoming a race war. A race war over hunting rights.

Sure, you can’t “manage” a wild animal population properly if people go and take them out in large numbers in an blindingly inhumane manner. But this is (and should be) waaay down the list of issues to deal with that have an effect on indigenous people. We cannot allow ourselves to put animals ahead of people (yet by his choice of words and subject matter to publicly deal with, this leader has chosen animals over people). Sad.

We all have to understand the real issues and prioritise. Prioritize for God’s sake.  (And when you do open your mouth to speak do not push divisive buttons and say something stupid.) But if Manitobans suggest to this guy that he has opened old wounds or (by his words) he is giving a platform to racists or that he is ‘out of touch’ it results in the same old shoulder shrugging response. Bigly sad.

We know how our society has treated first nation peoples since the arrival of Europeans. We know how they are living now – with bigly and “outa control” problems of suicide, disease, poor living conditions, poor education and poor opportunities. Many have little hope. Have you seen the prices of groceries up north. They can’t just go out and “get a job”.  Its all a wee bit more complicated than you think (if you think).

But yes. This “entitled”, wealthy, white, male politician uses the term “race wars” talking about frikken spotlight hunting.

I hate leaving things up to politicians. Can we not come up with solutions ourselves? Who’s pulling our strings? Live free or die (baby).*

The song choice may be way too obvious, but the reality is “I think we’ve missed it” Again. They’re out of touch / we’re out of time.

Out of Touch – Hall and Oates   1984 – lyric video purposely truncated

YT post by Shar C

I’m Your Puppet – James and Bobby Purify 1966

YT post by limu013


*The motto of the great state of New Hampshire is “Live free or die”. It is a magnificent concept the central theme of which is less government dependence and more independence. But its just a motto / words. All talk. No action.

I might add that New Hampshire is the only state where the  highest paid public employee is a hockey coach. Hmm. Hockey and a belief in real freedom = goodness. But on the other hand, university coaches and big money and sports which divert our attention from real life = badness. Yet most people go along with that allowable “expense for entertainment for diversion” whilst searching for their remote. Coincidence?







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