Fight in Peace

January 23, 2017

Loon 1photo by Joseph Woody

A long time ago, I was canoeing on a small lake, uninhabited (by humans), up in Duck Mountain. I had my two young daughters with me – probably aged 4 and 8. But we were not alone. There was a family of loons there too and they were letting us know they were not too happy with our intrusion.

We slowly paddled to get a closer look and could clearly see the young one on its mother’s back. As we neared, gliding quietly across the water, the male decided he had had enough. He disappeared under the water. It seemed like minutes before he surfaced…it was like a scene from Jaws 1. Finally he surfaced…about 15 feet away from us and what a display he put on. Back and forth, wings flapping, running across the water between us and his family. We had crossed the line. We turned around and slowly paddled away. T’was a beautiful, peaceful, authentic thing to experience.

Tapes ‘n Tapes is a Minneapolis band I’ve been listing to for many years now. There’s a few lines in this song that describe us now. Even if we think we can see, our vision is obscured by something. And above all, we need to fight for reason, truth and yes, even love. There’s a lot of hostility out there (baby).

When you go and you’re on stage
Is your heart still filled with rage?
Do you still fight for lover’s rights?

From their 2005 album The Loon:

Tapes ‘n Tapes – Insistor

YT post by XL Recordings

Photo taken minutes ago….looking out over Hudson Bay on the middle coast at Churchill. Clear?


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