Surreptitious Ice Jam

January 26, 2017


The river skating trail has been closed for a week now due to water collecting everywhere from the warm temperatures and unseasonal rapid melt. Hopefully, it’ll re-open soon.
Above is a montage from my last skate there early last week. It was a beautiful thang!
Red Moon Road was at the trail a few seasons back too, recording the song below. (Love that architectural warming hut competition).

The guy with the ear muffs & glasses, shaving with a skate, at the beginning of the video is Al Simmons, a well known local entertainer.
Quick story about Al: I was in a long queue at airport security a few years back….it was boring, as long lineups tend to be. Al was about five minutes ahead in line and when he was cleared to leave he took out his (mandolin or “bag-monica”?) and gave us all a show whilst waiting. Livened things up a bit.

What I think is quite evident about this town (and other places I’ve been to as well) is that many people hate the place publicly…but love it privately.

Red Moon Road – Private Love – 2012

yt post by PrairieCitySound’s channel

And just for fun and in celebration of Rrrrobbie Burns, Here’s Al now:

Al Simmons — Scotland The Brave




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