Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

January 27, 2017

moneyBelieve it or not: It’s not the money that’s important. Honest. Some get it. Some don’t. (original image credit: Manitoba Music Museum

When I was in my irreverent teens, my friends and I talked about forming a group known as Skinny Smith and The Starvations. It didn’t work out. Something about ‘starving artists’ that didn’t attract any interest. People were only interested in bands that other people were talking about. Damn them people anyway!

At the other end of the economic spectrum, the nineties gave us a punk band that liked to cover old hit songs. They were known as “Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.” Man, they saw the trainwreck coming huh.

No war mongering aka peace, much smaller government, real democracy, free markets, justice for all, honest news reporting and satisfied minds. Oh yeah, fewer lawyers. Is all that possible? Not with a ‘me first’ attitude.

Not as long as we have the comedy of political errors and sociopathic blunders that are currently capturing so much of our precious attention. Which once again quite effectively diverts our disoriented (even traumatized) minds. Hell, this explosion of global misappropriation and perversion commonly trickles right down to municipal politics: the former mayors of two of my hometowns are currently under investigation for corruption, fraud, bribery etc. (the lawyers are happy – tax watchdogs are not). Uh…like that’s not going on everywhere…hey if they do it why can’t I. Its how things get done right?

Stay comfortably numb my friends. Stay numb.

This is how its done. Local boys playing a benefit concert for the late, great Bill Merritt. We can do this.

Everybody wants ‘my money’… first the ‘cool listening’ studio cut from 1975:

Mood Jga Jga – Gimme My Money 1975

YT post by indigoinsf canada2

Benefit Concert – Gimme My Money by Mood Jga Jga and Swing Soniq on Jan 14 2011

YT post by clacolsha



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