Pyramid Coercion

January 28, 2017

Interference and control:

bearleft image from CBC

I dislike being indebted to anyone. From the IMF to local banks and governments, money is used to manipulate people, societies and countries into doing what those at the top of the pyramid desire. War, suicide, famine, disease, poor living conditions all owe their existence to (lack of) money. Usually, that’s because abundant wealth is syphoning into the pockets of a few.

I like orgs such as the Bear Clan Patrol. I hope the focus is always on the people they serve. Not publicity. Not to be used as a means of serving outside interests. Maybe even making life on the streets better. I pray for them.

Societies’ issues become even more complicated as long as rampant discrimination, stereotypes and racism exist. RESPECT for life is paramount.

The view that Trump’s motto should be corrected to “make America hate again” is justified. Except that the fear and hate that we now see everywhere has always been there. Its just more acceptable to publically display hostile emotions toward another. That’s because we never treated the cause, we only masked the symptoms. We prefer to build walls rather than relationships. Its easier. The only widespread respect we see is for the origin of our currency.

Its not time to be hostile. To be self-serving. To turn and walk away. Time to come together, to form a circle.

Women’s Warrior song #MMIW Event

YT post by Cheryl James Cheryl James

Don’t be controlled by others and their debt creating coercion. That’s what you turn away from. Respect. Maybe you got it.

Aretha Franklin – Respect (1967)

yt post by Gerda0815007



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