White, House Cleansing

January 29, 2017

Reviving the Trail of Tears:

#45 Trump signs Muslim ban (from countries he has ‘no business in’) with his gang of white boys and the strategically placed hanging portrait of the ultimate American ‘ethnic cleanser’ – #7 Jackson, looking over his shoulder.

We get it Trump. And your people have your back. Dead or alive.

The new Settler protection program begs the question: What’s in it for me?

All I see is followers and no real leaders. From politicians to the hostile trolls on social media. All echoing the ‘will-imposing’ parasites’ modus operandi.

above: the ‘other’ crowd, Trump demonstrators in Winnipeg (left) and in Montpelier, Vermont. From the Hinterland to the Lebensraum.  Voices in the crowd.


This old classic was covered by Bryan Ferry in the seventies and here he is again in 2007 – St Luke Old Street (LSO venue), London. (With ‘the kid’ Oliver Thompson rippin ‘er up on lead guitar). BTW – Ferry is touring NA with shows starting in Florida in March.

Bryan Ferry – The ‘In’ Crowd

yt post by CitizenGatsby

Compare and contrast Dobie Gray’s Shindig performance of “In Crowd”…or the cool jazz vibes of the Ramsey Lewis Trio recorded at Bohemian Caverns. It is an easy song to play with a sweet major chord progression:

The ‘In’ Crowd – written by Billy Page as covered by Bryan Ferry
Transcribed by Luis Ferreira


I’m in with the ‘In’ crowd
F  G
I go where the ‘In’ crowd goes
F  G
I’m in with the ‘In’ crowd
F  G                                                     C
And I know what the ‘In’ crowd knows (How to have fun!)
Any time of the year, don’t you hear? (How to have fun!)

Dressin’ fine, makin’ time
We breeze up and down the street
We get respect from the people we meet
They make way day or night
D                                  E    F
They know the ‘In’ crowd is out of sight


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