The Infamous Battle of La Haine

January 31, 2017

Slow down!: I had a friend who would say those simple words whilst pleading with us to stop, take a deep breath (several) and look at what we were saying/doing at the moment. Slow down. Alt course. Reset;

People attend a vigil in support of the Muslim community in Montreal

above from Radio-Canada/CBC: Quebec vigil – “Unissons-nous contre la haine!”. Makes a nice sign but we have proven time and time again that we are not “united against hate” but rather we accept hate (racism) by our inability/refusal to speak out against it in our daily lives.

So the signs have been there all along. We’ve witnessed the growing popularity of “nationalist” and “alt-right” movements (read racist). It’s rapidly spreading politically and is now quite nicely imbedded in our society. Trump rode its wave to the presidency. And Sunday, a Canadian, Québécois servant of those racist devils pulled the trigger for his chosen master.
This easily influenced, hollow, white male is well known in local circles and online for his support of political right-wing propaganda (Le Pen, Trump, Levant etal) which includes of course, anti-immigration, anti-muslim, anti-feminist, anti-everyone-not-us sentiments. He is a gun loving, fanatical racist. A well-known internet troll spewing out hatred and vile threats.
We’ve all seen the trolls right? There are many. Shouldn’t that alone set off alarm bells in our heads? Shouldn’t that alone be enough to make an effort to decipher its root cause. Do we feel that the government or media or Superman should swoop in and make everything better?
Most importantly shouldn’t the proliferation of racist attitudes and innuendo cause us, individually, to implement a means to identify and deal with the reasons racists feel the way they do?? (And those reasons are not what the racists think drives them to feel as they do – they all justify their feelings. The real reason is fear of others – and that fear has no place in a healthy society.)
But everyone just sits back until the inevitable unfolds before our visionless eyes. Look at how we have treated our indigenous people since “contact”. We seem to have this view that “we” are all that matters…and the racism continues to grow. Hell, even right-wing “Christians” have aligned themselves quite nicely with the political alt-right (racists). As some of us are aware, being quiet about racism is acceptance.
And guess what. There’s more carnage and blood-letting where that mass murder came from. Makes a good news story. It’s our “right” to know after all. Sells a lot of soap and pick-up trucks too. More news at 11.
Hey, it’s almost like the media purposely ignored the root cause of this increase in racist attitudes so that they could ultimately profit when this genre of news story confronts us (they paid it lip service to make it look like they were working for the people). Could this unwillingness to go after real in-depth news in order to sell soap be true? Please say it ain’t so!!
And golly gee, not to let the media off the hook, but if we need the media to tell us the obvious, and if we need murderous rampages to wake us from our slumber (only to immediately fall back into a comatose state), what does that tell us about ourselves?
Another worrisome outcome of the brazen murders committed Sunday is that immediately following the incident the racist-influenced news of the tragedy began to appear. I followed it, and it is a prime example of how we react to such happenings. First it was information collected from overheard police radio reports that actually, although unconfirmed, were correct: The shooter has been arrested. He has a “Québécois” name. But immediately after that came a flood of reports (from where?) that police had captured the killers. Two males who were Syrian refugees – later changed, for almost 24 hours without correction, that one of the killers was a Quebecer and the other a recent Muslim immigrant. This information was further muddied by claims that the murderer was specifically a Moroccan (Muslim) Quebecer. Good God! (The next day Spicer used this misinformation to justify Trump’s Muslim travel ban executive order. Saying that the news out of Quebec is exactly why we are doing this: protecting us from terrorists (from specific countries) infiltrating our society and carrying out nasty deeds.
What?? In light of the facts that we now know, we should be protecting us from ourselves. Period. (OMG. Has it really been only two weeks of these idiots? Barring impeachment or running them all out of the swamp on a rail, we have only 206 weeks to go.) And yes, the other guys are bad too so you know…..seems like such a waste.
Washington DC’t indeed.
So slow down, relax and be aware of your surroundings for God’s sake…and take a long look in the mirror. Be aware of what’s happening around you.
Maybe work on that “inner strength” we talked about yesterday. We forgot right? Alt-right?

Remember. There are no bad people. Just people doing bad things.
Slow down. Resist & reset;


This is nicely done. Much better than the other speed in my humble opinion.

Dolly Parton – Jolene (33rpm slowed down digital version)

YT post by Odinthorsen


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