The Orange Plague

February 1, 2017

Image result for doomsday clock

Above image is not from the lying “False News (Fox) Network” or The Faux Rebel but the misleading “Fake News of CNN” (link).  And yet, with all this BS surrounding us, this is our moment of truth! Who’d a thought?

The doomsday clock has moved closer to midnight than any time since US/Soviet Union hydrogen bomb tests of the early 1950’s.

Is it because of the dangers inherent in arrogant, belligerent, amoral, racketeers posing as leaders of the planet’s most powerfully armed nations? Or is it something more sinister? Is it because we have adopted hate and fear mongering as a sign of strength, resulting in an inescapable death sentence?

Trump has nuclear codes. So does Putin. A few, like Kim Jong Il and other cults of personality hombres, are creating their own. Hell, even Dr. Evil and a host of drippy-nosed hackers may figure out a way to get them damn codes!

Meanwhile, as some try in vain to prevent the inevitable, nobody’s listening and the rest are out to lunch. Pity.

Yes that clock on the wall is ticking. Are we at the end of our rope? Hang in there (baby). Have a nice day :).


Quirky and simple, this cult band’s performance (recorded by Joshua J. Smelser) is quite precisely set to the times.

The Tiger Lillies – “Twenty five minutes” – Live at The Echoplex

YT post by OtterFreak OtterFreak

As we sit in our cubicles, cells, pigeon holes “Awaiting Fate“:



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