Conway Tweeting

February 3, 2017


above: Alberta tar sands (oil sands for supporters). Forget about treaty rights, forget about traditional hunting grounds, forget about indigenous people altogether, forget about the damn planet. Let’s just fill the air with bullshit and let the big corporations dig in their giant sand box to extract a product that, rather than being phased out of our lives, is shipped by rail and pipeline all across the back of North America to create wealth for few under the guise of wealth for all. Black snakes slithering across the back of Turtle Island. There’s money to be made in alternative fuel sources but… Enter smoke screens.

In remembrance of the Bowling Green Massacre 2/2/17: Moment of silence whilst we await further lies.

Q1: Why does Conway throw so much bs out there? Q2: Why didn’t “Hardball” “reporter” Chris Matthews question her about her made-up massacre? Instead he changed the subject. Just curious.

Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor to (the) POTUS, likes to get her alternative facts confused. And she’s fine with that. Misinformation and misleading statements distract from what the present government is really doing: like sending Seals into Yemen to take out “threats” – threats which include women and children apparently. In interviews and social media arms of influence such as Twitter, you can plainly see she, and her band of merry white men, are committed to sending up smoke screens to deflect the hounds off the scent. And it smells like bullshit.

Nothing new with Government misinformation, these hombres are just much more obvious about it.


When I was a kid, my friend and next door neighbour would invite three or four of us to go up to their cottage on a big lake north of town. The amazing thing about it was the cottage was built right at the lip of a massive beach. We’d step out of the back door onto what seemed like the biggest sandbox on earth. It was awesome!

We also liked to bs each other the way kids do…you know, trying to better the other kid at story telling. Like ‘my toy dumptruck is bigger than your toy dumptruck’, when quite clearly it wasn’t. Some things were merely embellishments of the truth. Some were vivid fabrications of our childish minds.

Now we are all grown up and have politicians, business leaders, the cosa nostra, the KKK, etal telling stories of make believe from their respective sandboxes. For some, their sandbox is the entire planet. Amazing how we have taken several giant steps backward in our collective level of maturity and evolution. And people like Conway recognize that their lies are only make believe and that the name of the game is “I like it like that“.

The mother of my friend with the cottage listened to country radio all day long so I got exposed to a lot of music that I never would otherwise. This cross-over country tune is one of them (you gotta love the way he drifts up the vocal range – 2+ octaves?)…here is the one and only Conway:

It’s Only Make Believe – Conway Twitty – #1 1958

YT post by numberonesongs4444


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