Rumour Has It

February 4, 2017

ruThere is some sanity in a sea of insanity out there. Thank goodness for sanity.

Rumour has it that this Fleetwood Mac song was created in reverse order to the norm. They had a song that needed a bridge. A bridge was created and recorded. But they didn’t like the way the bridge fit into the original song, so they wrote a new song to suit the bridge and stitched them together, discarding the original and ending up with a whole new chanson. A chain of creative events with an unforeseen positive outcome.

Clear as a bridge over Red River mud? The chain keeps us together but is only as strong as its weakest link…

Rumours was released 40 years ago t’day: February 4, 1977. (40 freakin’ years!) Time flies when yer comfortably numb! You’d think we was hypnotised/hypnotized or somethin’.

Fleetwood Mac – ‘The Chain’ Live (The Dance 1997)

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