The Land Up Over

February 18, 2017


Above: Canadian Shield lake just east of Winnipeg. Land of our first nations. Highways of the Voyagers.

Canadians are the most insecure people on the planet. They pretend Canada isn’t a winter country (news flash: it is). They pretend to love it whilst spending extraordinary amounts of time trashing other regions of the country and/or other Canadians (demonstrating their finely tuned, inbred insecurity).

When you get right down to it, most Canucks only appreciate the region and people they know. The rest is the great, feared unknown worthy of nothing more than their pretentious disdain. Pity.

We should feel fortunate to live in Canada. Its big. Its empty (other than a few over priced, overly clogged cities). We have the place to ourselves, the wilderness and the wild animals. And the black flies and mosquitoes.

Excluding Russia, which, under Kremlin mandate, changes time zones every 120 kilometres, Canada’s enormous territory has the most times zones. Period.

The Ottawa/Toronto/Montreal triangle, whose misinformed residents believe is in central Canada, are well into Eastern Canada & the Eastern time zone. The same time zone as the American Eastern seaboard.

But North America still has three more time zones lying east of New York City. The Atlantic (+1 hr), Newfoundland (+1.5) and St Pierre et Miquelon (+2).

But it’s that half hour time change that Newfoundland has adopted that makes things interesting. Any Canadian remembers growing up to hockey games announced on TV as starting at 7 Eastern…8:30 Newfoundland. (Of course that means you wouldn’t even be thinking of supper at the opening face-off while watching on the Wet Coast.)

A quirky Canadianism.

Another true Canadian thang is Le Festival du Voyageur. A winter festival celebrating great Canadian stuff. Today I’m going with some ‘first timers’  –  an American family who just moved here two weeks ago. I won’t go into why they came…except to say there are more. I guess some things are more important than our ‘brutal cold’. I should add that the temperature was 65 degrees f yesterday where I took that picture above (hardly brutal and/or winter festival conditions).

Recap: People who just arrived two weeks ago. People who’s ancestors have been here for thousands of years. That’s what makes it great. Now let’s work to right our wrongs and make it great for everyone and not a select few.


This song should be some sort of anthem cuz for better or for worse “there’s no place like home”.

Chords: I think MP is in the key of C on this but I play it G, D, Em, C

(BTW Any Canadian will recognize the into)…

8:30 Newfoundland – Mike Plume Band


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