The Closing Prayer

February 24, 2017


Don’t worry. Only old and poorly constructed pipelines leak. Spills are a necessary evil. And it’s (stolen) ‘federal land’ land anyway. The government can do as it pleases (as corporate agents) Not your concern.

Indigenous rights have been ignored, trampled upon and wiped clear from our collective consciousness since the first Vikings arrived. The genocide went into high gear in 1492.

The examples in our society are abundant and staggering.

European legal systems dominate and control North American courts, politics and economic structure, (almost) completely ignoring indigenous beliefs, knowledge and organization.

Religion has come in and ‘had their way’ with the first peoples of Turtle Island. They have torn families apart. Stolen their culture. Enforced their language and christianianity upon bewildered people. A way of life was destroyed.

Whole nations were chased, murdered and driven from their homes. And the survivors were expected to do as the powers’ wished.

The presence of corp/poli leaders and foriegn monarchy from one of our ‘founding’ nations and their not so subtle display on our currency is another example of control of the dominant (mostly white male) society. How many First Nations faces do we see on our dollars and coins? And more importantly, what difference would it make? (If you wanna make money, or have it given to you as a bribe/gift for favors) you gotta bow down to the ‘colonial powers’ or their reps. Its cashola baby. Do the wishes of the overlords and the pockets of a chosen few shall be lined. Sad.

Have we learned from past mistakes? No, we see the supression continue today. Government and global corporate interests continue to plunder and steal. And individual responsibility is non-existent. Blame big oil or big government but yet blame no one single person.

Today goverments’ Standing Rock headache has been suppressed. Tomorrow it’ll be the Sheena Watershed and other pipelines bringing oil products across natural indigenous lands to tidewater on the west coast. The next day it will be fracking in Newfoundland Labrador followed by explosions deep in our oceans and on and on and on…by then these newly constructed pipelines and the technology monitoring them will have aged enough to start the leaking. Pity.

Realize something. We are pathetic examples of a so-called ‘enlightened society’. When the choice involves money we simply don’t give a damn about human rights or rights of the planet. Period.

And this controlling dominant pyramid scheme culture we see today (nationalist/populist whatever) is different from…and in fact, it is incompatible with indigenous culture. Do not expect our ways to be their ways. Try as hard as you may to throw them in but the melting pot is not all inclusive.

This land is not our land. This land is their land. We are uninvited guests doing as we wish with zero consideration to our hosts. Except for the odd gifts of trinkets and bobbles.

As Standing Rock was cleared by the government military on behalf of corporate desires we see some hope. And it is honorable. From a #nodapl thread:

Passionate water protector. The fight isn’t over. Wopila tanka, Raymond Kingfisher (gave closing prayer/marched out of camp) #MniWiconi


Some call this local band ‘the best band to never make it big’. Here is an (obviously) late 70’s cover of the Stones’ classic song dealing with supression.

Streetheart – Under My Thumb – 1979


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