Dead or Alive

February 27, 2017


Go forth and conquer. But remember: rock ‘n roll is (still) a vicious game.

A lot of people refer to the city I live in as “cold as hell”. I guess that means we’re surrounded by good company.

The way I figure, if you go straight to hell when it’s all said and done, you may be surprised at who else is down there. If you go the other direction you may be equally surprised.

And if our home is colder than Mars (which apparently is colder than hell) why the hell do so many people spend so much effort trying to get there? Just wonderin’.


Runnin’ back to Regina:

These boys are from a province up in Canada that’s right next door to ours called Saskatchewan. In that province there’s a small town, uh, where nothing much ever happens, called Regina.

This is a tune about that town (could be) cuz it’s as cold as hell there too.

Good music.

The Dead South – In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company


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