Occupational Therapy

March 1, 2017


Error n° 375

Ok. So I grew up as a minority in a place that to this day overtly beats its collective chest as being the “homeland” for the Québéçois nation. I still like the place. I have family there.

I like how they get all revved up for their national holiday…usually a week before the barely noticed July 1st thing.

I admire how they “fart in the general direction” of Canada for the latter’s intention to celebrate 150 years of southern Ontario’s dominance of this loose collection of regional interests.

150 years. You’re kidding right? Quebec has been home to territorial colonialism for almost 400 years. Now that is dominance worthy of celebration!

This year, the city of Montreal is “celebrating” 375 years of occupation. When their poets, and authors and balladeers create and perform for their fawning followers who shout out unbridled allegiance to themselves, they are really conveniently wiping out any evidence of those who were shoved aside to enable their dream. For some the dream was a cauchemar, a frikkken non-stop multi-century night-mare.

The English in North America are no less innocent of genocidal acts. It’s just not nearly as evident (unless one opens their eyes).

There’s one common thread to all this robust nationalistic pride. We forgot about someone. Someone who’s been here for thousands of years. And I don’t think they’re really in any mood to celebrate exclusionary occupation.

We all need therapy.

Below is some evidence of what I am talking about. Lyrically, the song is about roots. Roots of the Québéçois people. But behind the curtain of fervent nationalism, it becomes almost scary. They  warmly welcome anyone into their pretentious cheek-kissing fold (that is anyone who is French speaking – and/or ‘willing’ to send their children to French schools by government mandate). But when you whittle it down to the lowest common denominator, the overwhelming, albiet hidden, consensus is that the “real” people of the land are those who are white and of French European, Catholic heritage. (And who speak the acceptable “joyal” of the region.)

Not unlike Americans tracing their heritage back to the Mayflower. Or Ontarioians flaunting their British loyalist heritage whilest cowering behind the Union Jack on their provincial flag.

Happy celebration of 375 years of genocidal occupation Montréal. Or is it Tiotiá:ke ??


I like this song but the glaring omission of reality amidst their collective nationalism is inexcusable.

Prêt? Q the military costumes, beat and nationalist fever :

Mes Aïeux : Dégénération à la Fête Nationale du Québec


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