Sunny Ways

March 7, 2017


Festival du Voyageur and the fiddle.

Hudson and James Bays have come to be known as the colonisers’  ‘back door’ into North America. Europeans sent their explorers to map the coasts and plant their flags on what would become Manitoba, Ontario and Québec beginning in the early 1600s.

Next came the Company of Adventurers who landed to work in the ‘fur trade’. One of the things they passed on to the indigenous people of the middle coast was European music which, when coupled with a fiddle, was easily transportable and transferable. It flowed well south into regions such as the northern Red River Valley.

Red River saw a further mélangement of the fiddle music with the introduction of the Québéc and east coast pieces migrating west with the Voyageurs.

The Cree of northern and central Turtle Island took those Celtic tunes and shaped them into their own and today the region often lights up to jigging and fiddling.

Last of the James Bay Fiddlers feat. fiddler James Chee Choo with Daisy Chee Choo on spoons. YT Post by Charlie Fife.

There is sunshine out there. If you are aware of that then it’ll find you.

From the 1600’s onwards the music evolved quite separately…compare and contrast the Bay fiddling above with Glasgow based band Ímar – named after an old Norse (Viking colonizer, raper, pillager) king.

Ímar – l’Air Mignonne (Canadian Sunshine)




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