Dollar Bilk

March 21, 2017


RothsChild Tax Benefits:

So it appears 45’s tenuous grip on DC is crumbling? While all our attention is on the Russians, check out the presidential Wall Street alum appointments. Appointments evidently supported by ‘opposition’ voices as demonstrated by their lack of focus on said moves.

Sly like a Fox huh… Breaking news: Fox in Henhouse .

Unorganized ‘democracy’ vs organized multinational finance.  My money’s on the latter. In fact, by design, that is the ultimate destination of our hard earned $$ (even if it is laundered…er… funneled through government as taxes).


These guys first got our attention with the appropriately named song from 1970 – Neanderthal Man.

They subsequently changed their name from Hotlegs to 10cc and gave us this classic:

Wall Street Shuffle – 10cc – 1974

Yt post by Edward Kemp


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