The Greatest Depression

March 24, 2017


Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral (how’s that for a name) on the Main here in town.

The rise and fall of the roamin’ empire.

Here’s an idea…how ’bout spending our billions of tax dollars earmarked for war toys and war in foreign countries on more important things such as…I dunno…maybe drinking water for hundreds of communities in our own land. Yeah. That’d be a start.

No money to be made from that you say? That’s a bloody shame.

So, Christians…remember the story of  Jesus getting angry at the ‘den of thieves’ for counting money on tables in the house of god? He loses it in a rare display of ‘uncontrolled’ anger. He turns the tables. He scolds them. But they still do it today.

And who could forget Plato’s Atlantis who’s people pissed off the gods and slowly sunk into the sea, taking their world to unforeseen depths. Sad.


This was one of the first songs I learned to play….C,D,F,C,G.

Atlantis – Donovan


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