Patience, Wildflower. Patience.

March 25, 2017


Above: a gem of a piece of work from the early seventies. The era when we were being reprogrammed from peace and love movements and environmental awareness to the more easily controlled disco minded self adulation (“Hey everyone. Look at me. Watch me do the hustle and bump”).

This change of focus enabled the war mongering profiteers and their corporate and political puppets to go about their business with little turbulence and almost no media attention.

And don’t forget, medias’ main goal is to sell soap (advertising more for  £€$$). Nothing else. Attention is focused on news they want us to know without sacrificing revenue streams. The rest is fluff.

So getting people fearful and angry is what they do best while throwing in a few stories about kittens to round things out.

Back to Countdown to Ecstacy. One of the songs on that “seminal” (or is it seminole…ha) chef-d’œuvre was Bodhisattva.

What is a Bodhistavva you ask? Here is a quote from wikipedia: … a Bodhisattva, for instance, whose sole motivation is to benefit others, has no enemies. Very few people wish to harm someone who is a friend of all the world, and even if someone did harm him or her, the Bodhisattva would not view this person as an enemy. With his mind dwelling in patience, he would remain calm and untroubled, and his love and respect for his assailant would be undiminished. Such is the power of a well-controlled mind. Therefore, if we really want to be rid of all enemies, all we need to do is uproot our own anger.

Anger (which comes from fear) is implanted as a means of control. Uproot anger, if for no other reason than you refuse to be controlled. Patience.

Its all about mind control. But we do the controlling. Imagine that.




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