Old Habits Don’t Die

March 27, 2017


People just don’t understand. Time to disconnect our automatic pilot. Even if it means flying by the “seat of our pants”.

But ridding ourselves of bad habits is not as simple as flicking a switch on and off. It’s a helluvalot of work. Kinda like learning a new language. Some are happy with what they know and remain in their comfort zone. Some refuse to bother (‘no need’ they say). Some cannot recognize the words and shapes and differing rules. Others try to learn, but quickly get disillusioned, frustrated and give up. While others understand the effort required. And the immersion into something foreign.

Respect. Recognition. Unlearn. Relearn. A lot of work :

We talk all the time about learning from past mistakes. But when you really look at it…we never learn. We suffer from an inability to deal with a our “bad habits”. We are addicted to our fears. And that, mes amis, is life.

Des mauvaises habitudes? C’est la vie. Mon Cœur Brisé.


Looking forward to these two Québéçois at the WECC tomorrow.

Gabrielle Shonk – Habit

Bobby Bazini – C’est la vie


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