Author Unknown?

March 28, 2017


She says ‘fun’ but perhaps she means rewarding and worthwhile whilst having fun doing it.

When we were young: we had dreams, and desires and goals. Then we discovered that the bills had to be paid. We really were so much older then!

So who’s writing your back pages? Do you give a damn?


This classic Dylan song made more famous by The Byrds’ 1965 cover, is not titled “I Was So Much Older Then”.

No. The chosen title is “My Back Pages” which is sometimes where we find the resolution of a riveting novel (if we have understood what we are reading in its entirety).

First Roger McGuinn teases us with the crisp twang of his Rickenbacker. Then Marty Stuart brings the late, great Clarence White’s B-Bender Tele* back to life with some kind of crisp guitar picking. That’s some kind of ‘wow!’. (The 1954 Telecaster was modified by White and band mate Gene Parsons – view it here).

*Here’s an excellent explanation of the B-bender by Gene Parsons himself.

Performed in Nashville for the Marty Stuart Show.

My Back Pages

YT Post by James Stiltner

Check out this preview lesson of the song by TGAcousticLessons with Neil Hogan- he explains some of the differences between Dylan’s original and The Byrds’ cover.

I’ve always played it with the capo on III. I intro playing the C and F shapes then start with (shapes) C, Am, Em, F, G, C (repeat with extra time on the F = no C) then from G to Am, Em, F, G & (I was so much)…CFCFGC


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