Detection / Treatment

March 29, 2017


Approaching storms in my very own neighborhoods (imagine that).

Tammi Terrell was a performer who, from a very young age, showed great promise. She succumbed to a malignant brain tumor at 24.

What is a malignant brain tumor you may ask?

From : Malignant brain tumors contain cancer cells and often do not have clear borders. They are considered to be life threatening because they grow rapidly and invade surrounding brain tissue.

From : A malignant brain tumour is either grade 3 or 4, whereas grade 1 or 2 tumours are usually classed as benign or non-cancerous. Most malignant tumours are secondary cancers, which means they started in another part of the body and spread to the brain. Primary brain tumours are those that started in the brain.

Without politicizing it, I believe we require an aggressive intervention to stop the spreading cancer before it’s too late.

And I think we should agree that commonly accepted “traditional” methods of so-called treatment have proven to be ineffective in arresting the spread of the desease. They can no longer be acceptable.

Or, we can choose to ignore it and keep our collective fingers crossed.


Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell together in a rare live performance on The Tonight Show – 1967

…and the band plays on (even if their timing’s off, eh Doc)

YT Post by Angelo de Souza


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