Living in the Fire

March 30, 2017


A story about an American woman, Irish man and their Canadian children. My grandparents, mother, aunt and uncle.

Before the flood

Who would have thought that that little boy above would be dragged into a bloody war only a few years later. At the young age of 19, he and 6 others in his bomber crew were lost on a mission to bomb the oil refineries of Zeitz, Germany. He was one of many.

The air surrounding Zeitz on that January night in 1945 was filled with German fighter planes. Because although Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany, was being heavily bombed, the military minds had decided it was more important to protect their precious oil than to protect their people. Sound familiar? Sad.

The video below shows images of pre-war Berlin. Who could have foreseen the atrocities that were to come. Who would have thought that ‘followers of god’ could sink to such depths.

Methuselah was a man noted in the bible to have lived 969 years. His death ushered in the day of judgement and the great flood. (Noah time left for you).

Interestingly, back in 1969, local band The Guess Who recorded an instrumental titled 969 (the oldest man) and put it on their 1970 album American Woman. It’s noteworty that there are no lyrics to the song because sometimes words cannot express how we truly feel.

The hit song of the same name as the LP was famous for its criticism of the direction America and the world were going ‘at the time’. “Coloured lights can hyptnotise.”

So, in spite of protests and revealing words in song lyrics and other futile efforts to change things for the better, it is business as usual. No time for sober second thought. We haven’t changed. Nothing’s changed. Period.

No, we are still warring and killing in the name of ________ (fill in the blanks). We are still poisong our minds, bodies and the mother earth that gives us life. We are happy with religious persecution. Rape. Torture. Genocide. Bombs. Death. Children born ‘dead’. And we are still putting oil ahead of people and planet.

We are told, but refuse to believe, that judgment day is coming. Apparently there is no right of appeal.


This band will be performing at the Park Theatre in just a few nights.

The pre-war Berlin imagery of this video summons up a plethora of emotions (that’s right, I said ‘plethora’).

San Fermin – Methuselah

Yt post by David Dean Burkhart


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