Planted Real Good

March 31, 2017



We have this overt infatuation with blowing up things real good. Whether it’s exploding fireworks during celebrations, cars and buildings in movies, ‘controlled’ urban demolition or testing nuclear bombs we love them explosive activities. Yessiree boy!

In the seventies SCTV had a recurring sketch about being blown up real good…

But the award for blown up music videos done in a single take goes to Saskatoon band Close Talker.

The underlying theme of the video is to “keep calm and rock on” in spite of the immence distractions and viciousness of the world around you…whilst contributing to the change required to improve your lot in life.

Filmed in a Vancouver junk yard the video was released yesterday.

Disclaimer: yes there is a River City connection to the band and yes, the drummer’s father is a good old friend. Beyond that, I ain’t sayin’ nothin’ (unless promised immunity from prosecution – in like Flynn.) article link.

Close Talker – Okay Hollywood


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