Moody Blues (& Greens & Whites & Golds)

April 4, 2017


Morning in the Red River Valley on Lyndale. (Fly-over or X marks the spot?) 

When I was a kid a group from my then hometown of Montreal* recorded a song by Boissevain’s Rick Neufeld twice. One as The Bells and once as The Five Bells.

*I think one or two of them were from South Africa hence the accent.

I always thought it’d be cool to learn it but never set my mind to it …until recently.

It’s actually quite easy once you get the picking down. Neufeld likes to play it in G but The Bells: Try using barre chords – C, dm, em, dm then C, dm, em, dm, F, G.  Chorus: em, dm, em, dm. If you want to match this recording then capo I and same shapes = C#, d#m, etc.

Moody Manitoba Morning – The Bells 1971


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