Me and Youth

April 8, 2017

Bienvenue au niveau dysharmonique – aucune questions? Comprenez-vous?.. : We have arrived at a completely disharmonic level of consciousnes.

I often get the feeling that positive evolution is a pope dream (Allahgory).
Child suicide in Canada. Poisoning children in Syria.

Excuse me for repeating but …”you’ll have to stop pretending your concerns are religious“. Youth are our future. For the love of God!

The things that matter aren’t the things that matter.

We have irrefutable evidence that we don’t give a damn about the future. What a waste. More chromosomes and Jungian theory? Forgetaboutit!

(Thanks Waub for the timely Tool tip)

46+2 Songfacts link.

Tool – Forty Six & 2

Yt post by darling torres martinez


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