April 9, 2017


From spirit walk ministry*. Most legends and stories equate the crow with wisdom.

So it’s the 100 year anniversary of Vimy Ridge. A whole century of warring has passed since that pivotal battle of “the war to end all wars”.

What do we do? Celebrate and honour the great sacrifice. And now we call the firing of missiles at Syria “beautiful”.  (Whilst shouting from the rooftops that we are very unhappy with the Jenner Pepsi ad).

The MIC is perpetually alive and controlling our fate.

The sun and moon rise and fall. The days, months and years, like soldiers, come and go. And the band plays on.

Yeah, it’s been a long December but there’s reason to believe that maybe this year will be better than the last. Maybe.

Cree word for feeling uncomfortable:


Uh huh, that’s CC in the video. She was dating the band’s frontman and song writer (Adam Duritz) at the time.  He also dated JA but not LK. Poor LK.

As for the band: a Tele, a Rickenbacker, a piano and a squeeze box…not bad.

Long December – Counting Crows – 1996

Learn to play link

From spirit walk ministry. See link at top:

*Crow – The Keeper of the Universal Sacred Law. Nothing escapes the keen sight of the Crow and it instills the wisdom to see things beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking. Crow calls to see beyond cultural limitations and the accepted rules of right and wrong. Crow is an omen of change and when experiencing something new watches closely to see what happens and then learns from it. Learn to recognize potential danger and be watchful in vulnerable times. Watch what you believe and question your ideas about reality against a more universal standard. The crow is the spirit which represents the transcendence that will reveal the true path to life’s mission.

Q 68and69: Who is the world’s largest arms trader/dealer? And why?


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