The Tug of War

April 18, 2017

So there’s a company down the road in Tucson that makes Tomahawk (drop the name please) cruise missles. Unsurprisingly, in the past few weeks their stock has shot up faster that a speeding armament. They also are on the verge of ‘being awarded’ a 4 billion $$ contract to build a bunch of cute little missiles. Trump chump change huh.

Meanwhile, the US and their allies, as an arm of the MIC, is investing trillions upon trillions of hard earned taxpayers’ £€$$ in military spending with a focus in and around…South Korea and of course the Middle East.

Good news if you like wars and imperialism and are part of the very active war cartel. (Dwight was right).

From Korea to Vietnam to South and North Korea again. Seems like we’really going ’round circles. Getting dizzy yet?

Governments are just a means to an end for the MIC. Spreading our tenticles generates more money for the select few. Politicians everywhere have been bought and paid for.

Big government = more wars. A small government, however cannot be manipulated into ‘spreading democracy’ beyond its jurisdiction in order to sell arms on a globull scale. We need to rethink and reengineer the way we do things.

People associate free markets with the selective (aka ‘crony’) capitalism we now are burdened with but the two are as different as war and peace.

Meanwhile, consent to all of the above is currently being manufactured faster than ordinance production by both real and fake media. (Nod your head here.)

YT Post by Hans-Joachim Jäger

Edward Said on Imperialism and Culture


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