You Got Me Hyptnotized

April 25, 2017


Lazy. Definition: Unwilling to work or expend energy.

Something’s happenin’ here. What it is (to most of us) ain’t exactly clear.

Buffalo Springfield

A friend of mine came here from Russia a few years back. We would talk about things happening in that country including the infiltration of “Russian mafia” and full scale corruption into government, police and the judiciary.

“The people put up with that” he said “because they want the government and its affiliates to do everything for them. They don’t need to think. That’s why I left.”

I know that much of our world has succumbed to such theivery of thought but I wonder if that is happening here…

Other than a few contrary examples of discomfort we are, for the most part, putting up with things we know to be wrong. We seem to be unwilling to work or expend energy to right those wrongs. Lazy. Pity.


Some songs have little or no intro. Others have an “expanded” intro.

Reminds me of driving back from the lake…

Deep Purple – Lazy


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