King Pins

April 27, 2017


Get smart. Agent 86: What are all those pins on the map Chief? Chief: Those are the positions of our agents Max. 86: Well what is this agent doing up here in Manitoba? (as he pulls the pin out / the map drops from the wall / the pins spill all over) Chief: That pin held the map up Max. 

(Maybe it’s time to shake things up like an Etch-a-Sketch)

What is/are voodoo politics? Could be the attempt and belief that someone or some entity can control the political reality of a foreign jurisdiction from a remote source. Could be.

Do you believe that your government and/or militant group and/or local dark force is attempting to control & alter outcomes affecting millions of people in other countries? Voodoo politics.


Years ago, I worked with someone who believed in voodoo. She had a doll on her desk that was full of pins. Most fellow employees thought she was kind of scary. I liked her and had no issues. (Maybe I felt that being on good terms with her would ensure I didn’t get poked.) Maybe some jurisdictions are afraid of those that practice said voodoo politics. Maybe some ignore it.

Pins. Bayonettes. Bombs. Whatever.

How do you feel about what’s going on in our world today?

Here’s an indie troubadour from California that I first saw, thanks to Carlos Castillo, Periscope busking on Third Street promenade in Santa Monica:

(Here’s a free market hint- when busking live how ’bout posting your PayPal account link or other similar online currency exchange so viewers can drop some cash in your digital hat).

Claire Means – Voodoo Doll

Yt post by Scott Squires

I think we got ourselves a real serious psychotic reaction to the whole world situation thing here…I love these old garage tunes from the sixties:

The Count Five – Psychotic Reaction – 1966

Yt post by bugugly666


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