April 28, 2017


Taken at another homeland of mine,  Rainbow Haven, NS

What Are We Doing Here?

Planet b4 People b4 Profit. So many people scoff at that belief.

But really, it is just the natural order of the universe. Most of us understand our human life forms are mostly water. And a recent discovery indicates that stardust travelling through the universe contains compounds that, when caressed by solar winds, creates the water and organics necessary for life. Stardust means we all come from the same source. Life is universal. Ultimate equality.

There’s nothing wrong with profit. Just don’t take it out of context. Understand the rules cuz long after we return to stardust again those same rules will continue. It’s called “takin’ care of business”.


I’m not a fan of rap. But I know that the inner city gangstas, girls and guns control the life they know. But the game is much bigger.

Here we have rap from an indigenous perspective which acknowledges the Pb4Pb4P rules of the universe. Creation (we aren’t responsible for it). They know the rules. They know who their mother is. Harmony.

Nataanii Means is a Oglala Lakota, Navajo and Omaha hip hop artist from one of my homelands known today as Arizona.

Nataanii Means – Creation

These lads (that’s right I said ‘lads’) are from another homeland with the Anishinaabe name meaning “where mother earth flows” aka “muddy water”. Win-nipi (River City…Winnipeg) in the land of Manitou.

Old English expression: Where there’s muck there’s brass (brass being slang for money). Hear that Win-nipi?
Where are we from? Where are we going? Are we there yet?

Jet Set Satellite – The Night Went Too Far


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