If Finns Were Jets

April 30, 2017


Image from gearheads.org

Songs have been written about Chevys and Mercurys and Lincolns and Cadillacs. Pickup trucks and big rigs. Even hearses.

But nobody writes about Priuses…or Teslas*. No, it’s gotta be about gas guzzling and hard living.

It’s a love affair. And it’s connected from the bottom to the top. From Blind River to Belair to The Soo and ’round and around we go.

But then, there are cars like the reconditioned 1959 Lincoln owned by Neil Young. It’s big. It’s got class and style. It’s got Fins and chrome. And it’s powered by clean fuel. The LincVolt: Long may you run.

Our affair/dream just needs some reconditioning that’s all. The dream isn’t over after all.

*I tell ya son you’ll make life a mess (uh)

If you don’t stop drivin’ that hot rod Tesla


Great new song by the MPB:

Mike Plume Band – If Fins Were Wings


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