Tears are not Enough

May 1, 2017


Image from wikipedia. As with onions, you peel away one layer of environmental issues and you reveal another. Makes you wanna tear up huh. Sad.

Breaking: some people refuse to believe that our species is screwing up the planet. Their overwhelming ignorance evidently bought and paid for by Soros or some other self-absorbed member of the illuminati (they believe they are so damned enlightened…and entitled).

On any green topic you can hear them spew out things that’ll make a grown man cry. They often use ‘logical falacies’ citing debunked claims by ‘authoritative voices’. Usually they resort to playground namecalling. Sad indeed.

But what goes around comes around. Cuz we know you don’t mess with mother nature…she’ll find a way to getcha real good.

Problem is most people link thelse destructive environmental tendencies to corporate greed and until the private sector proves they can ‘tread softly’ people will rely on government to protect our ailing natural environment. And that is even sadder. Sniff.


Roy Buchanan was good player, even if his fingers drifted wildly over the fret board.

The song starts out traditionally enough where RB let’s the mandatory, throaty Hammond B3 do its thang. Note by note Buchanan slowly stretches his fingers gradually letting ’em fly.

Roy Buchanan – Green Onions

YT Post by bluznmore

And this is another special kind of guitar player, Arlen Roth, who shows us how he plays that classic lick from the old Booker T song.

YT Post by slashMichael

But the video I love is this little jam gem with his young daughter who left this world suddenly in her early teens.

As a father, I know being able to jam with your child is something very special.

It shows us that we should appreciate what we got going because it might not be there for us to love tomorrow.


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